Time to be kind to YOU

We all know those days.
The ones where you feel a little bit lost, lonely and simply sad. We all have them.
So, we have put together some self care questions to ask yourself when those days come around ❤️
1) Have you gotten dressed today? 👖 
2) Have you left the house in the past two days? 🌳 Even for a little walk. Fresh air and a change of scene can work wonders.
3) Have you connected with a friend or family member today? Even if it’s by text, FaceTime, a quick coffee. Just a little something to reset you. 👫
4) Have you showered in the past day? 🚿
5) Have you achieved anything today? Maybe sending that email or making that call you’ve been putting off. Emptied the dishwasher or completed a small task. 💪🏼
6) Have you eaten or had a drink anything in the past three hours? 🍽🥤
7) Have you slowed down with your child today? We are all so busy, sometimes we forget to slow down for a moment and just connect. Even just for 10 mins. Play, snuggle or read. 📖
8) Have you received a hug in the past two days? Don’t be afraid to ask your partners or children for a hug. We all know they make everything that little bit better. 🤗
9) Have you listened to music today? We all know a sing and a dance works wonders! 🎵
10) Remind yourself that you are bloody wonderful. Sad days happen and they are allowed to, of course they are! Don’t be tough on yourself ❤️
-Love from The Tired Mama Girls x




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  • Sian Cosgrove

    I am also contactable at s.cosgrove@coveschool.uk

    You ladies are fabulous!! You make my week brighter and your clothes are amazing!! Danielle you’re an inspiration!!
    Love from a tired mama, music teacher and senco! Xxx

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