I am going to be a Business Mentor! How Exciting!


On September the 5th this year Ceri of This Welsh Mother is opening the doors to her first ever business school. While they are primarily opening the doors for Mothers (cos it is This Welsh Mother after all), She wants this to be a lovely inclusive experience where no one is left (cos hell, we hate the 'you can't sit with us brigade'). 

If you sign up to join The Business School, you will get access to 12 weeks worth of lessons to help you start or grow a business based on my personal experience as a business coach and also from my own first-hand experience of running both traditional and online businesses.

If you sign up you will also meet a mentor every week who will take part in an FB live interview and training within our private Facebook group. These mentors have been hand-picked to help you and your business, We know you will get tons of value and inspiration from hearing their personal story, being able to ask questions and all that good stuff.

These mentoring sessions will open your eyes to new ways of doing business, get your creative juices flowing and also help you network and connect with established business people and that my friend, is invaluable.

So we are hyper excited to introduce you to our first mystery guest. Meet your mentor...


Meet Danielle

The Tired Mama Collection


Danielle ticks all my entrepreneurial powerhouse requirements.

She's a Mother, She's Welsh, her business is a blinking great idea (can you say amazing products, Shopify, Great Customer COMMUNITY). Then she really sealed the deal for me when I watched her on Instagram stories and I knew we'd have a long-lasting internet love affair. She mimes to rap music...It's all I need in life.

Danielle is the first mentor we want you to get to know, not only to shine a light on her business but also to get you super excited about the possibilities that are out there for you if you want to start a business but don't know what OR you have a business idea/ existing business and you know that web and social presence has to be nailed. 

Danielle has bossed the community aspect of business that I harp on about all the time and that is no mean feat. She's also a mother of two small boys and has grown her business exceptionally since it's launch in 2017. Danielle was a primary school teacher and is an awesome example of a woman who has made business work for her and her family.

So if products are your things, e-commerce gives you butterflies or you are just a super fan of awesome mama merchandise you need to check this girl out.

And please, if you want to save your seat at The Business School, you need to get in now.  They are asking for a low price monthly fee of £20.00 per month for the 12-week course. So, if you sign up today, you will pay £20.00 to secure your space and then only pay again in October & November.

As with all of their events and products the £20.00 is only a suggested guideline and pay what you can afford is there for you to take advantage of. Just email me ceri@thiswelshmother.co.uk to organise or visit www.thiswelshmother/twm-blog/businessschool


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