I am a storyteller...

The spring sunshine has finally decided to make an overdue appearance, making it my favourite kind of day!

Footwear of choice.....trainers (other kinds of footwear are no longer welcome on my Tired Mama feet) Fin in the baby carrier, Noah in the finest of his scruffy clothes, and it's off to the park we go! 

Now, please don't get me wrong! I am not trying to portray that I am the "I'm a perfect mummy and take my babies to the park" kinda mama because I am not!

Truth is, I'm the "Outdoor play = Fresh Air = Sleeping Boys = More Wine Time " kinda mama!

Everyone's happy, and in my carefully planned snaps, I look like the fantastic mama type number one!

You see, like you, I am a story teller. My Facebook / Social Media life is written by my most favourite parts. Those moments where I feel I truly deserve a pat on the back, or a Facebook like in the modern day fairy tale, for being just that extra bit of awesome that day!
Of course, put those bits together and it looks like a dream. We're all guilty of it, admit it, who has snapped their child's perfect picnic whilst that teatime treating them to their third happy meal that week?!
You would assume I have everything under control, my children are beautifully well behaved minis and I adore every single moment of my mama life! It's what we want to show off and when we want to show it off, we all know that right?

Yet, us Mamas still compare ourselves to every other mum out there! Why?!!!
How stupid are we?! Falling for the same very trap that we have just set up ourselves.

No one talks about the shit that goes with the huge responsibility of becoming a tiny human keeper! Including myself, so when things go tits up, which they do... ALOT, we assume that we are alone, this has never happened to the Facebook mums after all! 
Never have I publicly shown my frustration when my babies won't sleep or listen and I am physically exhausted, or talked about the tears that come when I really hate breastfeeding because no one told me it would be so bloody hard and I am so fed up of having this tiny human hanging off my body, or the guilt that comes because I really do not want to spend my evening lying in bed with my toddler reading 'The Gruffalo" for the 97th time that day, but as he's fallen asleep, looking like a little angel. I all of a sudden, feel like the biggest arsehole this world has ever known! Now I'm a shit Mama, for wishing he would just go to sleep! Guilt trip begins, he's still just a baby and of course he wants his mama to read him stories all night, she's the best fking storyteller there is!
(Seriously, I'm amazing... Maybe too good actually, I think I may have just solved my million bedtime story issue! Note to self: Shit bedtime stories, maybe it would be quicker to bore him to sleep?)

I also don't post about our weekly Jama day where we literally do not change from our pyjamas all day, purely because I can not be arsed! And I truely think I deserve a kinda 'F**k it' Day! My weekly pyjama day is that! And do you know what, it's awesome! Sometimes I even sit on my sofa, watch Jezza and eat shit food and let the children entertain themselves... SHOCK HORROR! Of course that would never be posted on my social media, its not worth of a pat on the back, infamous like!

So this is a blog for the absolute best moments of my life with my beautiful mini people, the hardest times and all the shit in between, sometimes quite literally shit!

Together let's be open, let's be truthful and mostly let's be kind to one another because we are Tired mamas, and that makes us perfect! Always!


  • Alana

    Absolutely loved this blog! Funny, honest and relatable..amazing. xx

  • Kimmy

    Brilliant blog! A fellow tired mama of two beautiful girls, which lets be honest can be little terrors at times! Always nice to know I’m not the only one out there! ?

  • Blogs Of A Shopaholic

    Congratulations on your first blog. I absolutely loved it and the honesty with which you write. I can so relate to the social media thing…I’m sure we are all so guilty of it;-) xxxx

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