Friction Free Shaving Review

There are many times in the day when the term "FFS" enters my head... usually when my children start all of a sudden needing me the second I've finally sat down to eat, or when they've completely emptied every single box of toys in a matter of seconds, leaving my living room looking like some sort of plastic nuclear disaster crime scene or when my three year old is sat on my almost one year olds head.... you know mamas!
Another time the words FFS are re-sighted in my mind, is when I finally get some well deserved relaxing time when I can relax, defrizz and return to fur free human mode... but of course, no razor blades! There has been maybe two, possibly three times in the past 3 years where my melted mummy brain has allowed me to remember to treat myself to a shiny new blade, on top of attempting to remember the endless baby supplies, nappies, wipes! Resulting in me "borrowing" the hubby's razor! You know what happens next girls! The moment is killed by the words "um.. which razor did you use?" Forcing yourself to lie that just this once you've remembered to buy your own! Phew he bought it... until the morning that is, when I see him emerge from the bathroom with bits of torn off toilet roll attached to his bleeding face! BUSTED!
Therefore, to save my marriage, I try and stick to the rusty old disposable that I've found from the last time this happened! Leaving me with some sort of half hearted, half butchered legs, which is the total opposite from the shiny, sexy, silky smooth MILF look that I was going for. Pamper Time = Wasted!
With this in mind, which I'm sure you can all relate to, can you imagine (Scott's) my absolute excitement to be collaborating with the fantastic Friction Free Shaving, you guessed it FFS! This time more in a "yay! FFS!" Kinda way!
For those of you that have not yet heard about the wonders of Friction Free Shaving, let me share with you the powers that they hold! FFS is a company, purely designed to help our melting brains from ever needing to remember over priced blades from the supermarket again! Each month, they send you a fabulous bit of happy straight through your letter box, and you're away to go!
So my box arrived, and I of course had to text every friend I know because it was fricking shiny!! I was send the Samantha Blade, which is just made for me! I don't know if it's part of the female gene but shiny wins every time!
So, I tried it out (with a glass of wine to really give it that luxury ambience) and not only does it look amazing, but the quality is just outstanding! The weight of the razor is my favourite part as it feels like I'm using my hubby's, only now there isn't a domestic to follow! The five blade razor is made perfectly with a pivot head to help glide and the vitamin E lubricating strip gives such a smooth finish!
You can probably guess that I have immediately signed up to the subscription box! Never again will I say FFS when Im met with the disappointing blunt head during my de- frizz time!
So there are two options;
* Frankie Blade (Just £5 a month)
* Mine >> Samantha Blade (Just £8 a month).
You also have the option to add their amazing shaving foam for £6 a month, which smells just amazing AND is clear, so you can actually see what you're doing?! What!!! Seriously, how have we lived without this before! No more blind shaving, hooray!!
Each month you will have four razor heads delivered to our door, one for each week! Goodbye rusty blunt blades!
(Any company that bases their concept on a parody of Craig David has me sold!)
Boxes can be paused or cancelled at any time, I urge you to just order one and fall in love yourself! Your first box which will include your razor handle and four blades can be ordered by clicking here... where you will also get a lovely 30% off, making your first box just £3.50 or £5.60!
Seriously, who doesn't need a gold razor plus shiny new blades delivered to your house every single month!
FFS.. you really are my 'shaviour'! Thank you!
Now the only problem is making sure the hubby doesn't realise it's better than his! Hands off Scotty!


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