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Dear Ms Mangan

Dear Ms Mangan

Dear Anna May Mangan,

Now I would never usually take the time to respond to a Daily Mail Journalist as this will of course just feed the attention seeking thill that you so desperately need, however, as you have awarded yourself with the perfect human badge I would like to share with you what us "normal folk" feel.

Firstly I want to clarify who I am speaking to here? I imagine you to be in either of the two following groups:
Group 1: No children (meaning you actually just have no idea.)
Group 2: Grown up children (meaning that you've forgotten the shit that comes with having young children.)
Group 3: You have a full time Nanny (no reason needed here really)

So basically, unless you have young children, which I am assuming you don't after reading your "article", you're known as being fucking clueless, making your opinion irrelevant. Regardless of that, I'm still going to respond and hopefully give you some food for thought.

I'll start by congratulating you on getting through life with the understanding that the "slummy" mums out there are the ones that feed their children fish fingers, swear and look forward to wine when their children are sleeping. I am not as lucky as you and have knowledge of some children go all day without being fed, or mums start the day with a can of lager for breakfast, physically abusing their children or other horrific things. So please forgive me, Ms Mangan, if my downfalls are admitting that my children ate a picnic for three days in a row, entertain themselves and drive me up the wall on times.

You state that we can "no longer be happy just to be housewives" what kind of backwards shit is that? Did you know that according to the NHS UK website "Approximately 58% of new mothers with PND did not seek medical help. This was often due to them not understanding the condition or fearing the consequences of reporting the problem." Do you know why this is? Because there are people like you. Yes! People like you! The judgey arsehole kind of people that landed us Mums with the most unreal exceptions of motherhood, and then throw out ridiculous statements such as the one above. Resulting in mother's feeling like we've failed before we've even began because they aren't feeling the "magical" feeling that motherhood should bring according to everyone else. Therefore, they struggle alone in fear that someone like you will judge them! So, maybe us "honest" mum bloggers aren't too bad after all. We show other mums that it's actually very normal to be fed up with putting our own needs last all day everyday, and being physically exhausted. Maybe if more people were open and truthful, that horrible stigma wouldn't be there!

Now, I'd also like to confess, that like other mothers you have named in your blog, I am not a fan of being covered in piss, shit and snobs, nor am I a lover of children's company when I'm hungover. I challenge you to find me a mother that feels any differently and I have two children you can borrow to experience this, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

So what I'm trying to say is, take your judgey bullshit back to the Daily Mail HQ, talk to some real tired mamas, and have a glass of wine!!

If you're not satisfied with my response , I'd like to invite you to take the time to check out my private Facebook page. It is filled with beautiful photos, stories, moments and memories of my perfect mummy life. No shit, no tears, no negative thoughts, just perfect mummy trophies for me to share to the world! I hope that this image of my life, puts me on the perfect mummy pedestal and you can accept me as the wonderful mother that I am via this avenue.

Don't forget, some areas of blogging and journalism are slightly enhanced for entertainment. Maybe you shouldn't be throwing stones in glass houses my lovely.

Kind Regards,
A very tired, very swarey, and sometimes a bit lazy Mama!


Read the article here; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4508726/Why-women-boasting-slummy-mummies.html


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