£280 for Girls in Uganda! THANK YOU

Whilst strolling through Facebook, I came across a local family who were raising funds for their forthcoming trip to Uganda. The Blackmore family, from Neath, were asking for donations of £5 to purchase a pack of 4 washable sanitary towels for girls that they would be visiting on their travels. They talked about the distruption caused to these girls during the time of the month and how they were unable to attend school during this time, purely due to the lack of sanitary products.  How can this be? In our modern world, there are young girls who can't leave their home to continue with their education, purely down to Mother Nature. 

So, girls, I simply shared the posted and asked you to pledge. 10 hours later we had received enough money to pass onto the Blackmore's to purchase 56 packs of sanitary towels! So mamas, I thank you because that simple act of kindness has made a great difference to 56 girls lives. 

Together, we can do great things! Keep up to date with the Blackmore's travels in Uganda by following their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Again, I thank you with all of my heart! 
Danielle x 


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